Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sick - but alive

I've been wanting to post various things but just don't get around to it. Right now I've got the flu and like it almost always does - it's gone straight to my ears. I'm trying very hard to take it easy and rest up.
We've got 5 days and then I'm on holidays for two weeks - yay!!! My friend Tracy and I are driving up to Byron Bay and camping there for two weeks ... I'm just longing to collapse, drink coffee, think, journal, pray, read, relax, sleep, go for long walk on the beach ... Tracy and I are very good friends and have holidayed together several times now - so it should be fun. As much as I love people, I really do need space, and lots of it ... so I am loking forward to this chance for some space ... from people, from responsibility, from to do lists, from all the "necessities" of life ... and get to some bare basics for a while.
Before then - I have loads to do ... lots to get done and in order before I go ... so quite a few meetings, lots of emails, lots to organise, lots to make sure is in process for while I'm away. The ncie thing is that I'm better at putting things down then I have been so I have very little concern that I'll be able to.
But first - I'm running church (Solace) tomorrow morning.

And I do need to say which church at the moment because I seem to be somewhere different most weeks, last week I was running the Sunday morning time at Reservoir Salvos, the week before that I ran the evening time at St Paul's Fairfield ... all so different, yet so fun and all of those are places which in different ways are "my people", so none of those ones are "visiting speaking", although those do happen.

There is so much going on in my brain - that I don't know where to start ... so right now I won't ... except to say that life is very good and I'm very content ... although I wish my ear would unblock!

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