Friday, August 12, 2005


For a range of reasons I've been thinking about what it means to give dignity to others ... or what it means not to, for that matter. What are the things that we do, or don't do, that give those we have contact with dignity - and what takes away their dignity. For most of us our belief in our own dignity is quite fragile - we don't need help in lessening it more.
I've been really aware of the ways in which I have not treated others with dignity, sometimes through actually thinking I was helping them or loving them ... as well as aware of the ways in which I haven't been treated with dignity, often because of the persons own issues.
I've also been knowing the invitation to inceasingly enter the space of treating all who I'm in contact with in ways that give them dignity. I wonder what ways of relating you are conscious of that increase or decrease dignity?

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