Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Lost enough

Our church community have a range of things going on at the moment - and one the things I've been thinking for us are the words of a Rich Mullins song:
"If I believe you're leading me,
then I believe you've led me here
Where I'm lost enough to let myself be led"

I pray that we would let ourselves be lost enough to let ourselves be led.

Whirlwind tour of Victoria!

Today I head off to Apollo Bay to visit the SUFM (Scripture Union Family Mission) down there. Should be fun and a chance to encourage them and get to know some of the team ... as well as hopefully have some good chats with some people. It's hard to know what to say and how to be as a visitor at all ... but even more so when some people view you as the "boss from SU" ... it's a wierd feeling being that big scary person - when I don't see myself as that at all. But really I just want to encourage them in the Kingdom work they are doing.
Over the next couple of weeks I get to visit 12 different missions around Victoria.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Moving into the Neighbourhood

A really simple but profound truth has been hitting me really hard this Christmas: Jesus moved into our neighbourhood.
It's not that he was forced to do that: "you've got no option". No, he chose to move into our neighbourhood.
It's not that he came in some removed way: "well I"ll be there but I'm not going to get really involved in their lives". No, he threw himself right into everyday life ... even in the midst of people who were br0ken and far from perfect.
It spins me out that Jesus chose to do that ... and is such a strong invitation to live in the same way myself.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Birth pangs or labour?

Well the week before Christmas. How on earth did it get to that?

It's been a long year - in some ways one of the hardest of my life, certainly there is no doubt one of the most fruitful in terms of personal growth ... and for that reason I would say one of the best years of my life.

There are many things in my life which are in waiting stages, labour stages or have arrived ... the birth narrative not only is being remembered in my environs and life - but in many ways in my various communities it is a lived story.

There are many ways in my own life where the dawn really has come - it really is a new day and things really have been birthed in me. That is very very real. However, there are others ways in which I am waiting to know and understand how things will turn out or come about, or even waiting for myself to make some decisions. In those things I guess I mostly feel like it's the kind of active waiting of middle of a pregnancy - or maybe getting to the time when someone stops work and where people are thinking crazily about prams and all those kinds of things.
(and when they are scatty like blonde haired friends of mine - oops I'm in trouble now ... just as well she doesn't live anywhere near me ...)

In my key communities life, we are in a very troubled time. It really is the hard work of labour. This has taken much of my thoughts, emotional energy and time over the last week or so ... and will probably take more room over coming weeks on this blog.

And my job - overseeing missions for SU ... mission teams so are in the birth stages ... it's so almost time, but not quite ... are we ready? Oh no, we haven't done that ... What do we do about that?
17 beach missions happening around Victoria this summer - most exciting but now in those last minute preparation stages ... most definately late stage pregnancy!

Over the coming weeks my plan is to write about some thoughts about Solace, thoughts about mission (related but not specifically about the 12 missions I'm visiting over the coming weeks) and also some thoughts around Christmas and the new year. Phew! stay tuned!!!
who knows you might even get a guest blog or two!!!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Waiting ...

Been doing quite a bit more thinking about waiting - we really don't talk about this theme as much as would be helpful. In church tradition there are so many periods where it rates highly - lent, pentecost and advent to mention a few (a fair chunk of the year really!).
I'm thinking about waiting for a number of reasons.
Firstly, it is advent after all!
Secondly, I'm speaking about waiting and some of my journeys of waiting this Sunday at our Sunday gathering at Solace.
Thirdly, I'm working with many mission teams who are "waiting" to go on mission.

As I think about all of those reasons for thinking about waiting ... two themes are very key for me this morning:
Waiting is active - not passive.
We wait in community.

And talking of waiting - hopefully you who read my blog won't be waiting as long for entries - I'm going to try and get back into a blogging rhythm - sorry I've been a bit scatty.