Saturday, January 09, 2010

People you are around ...

This post is interesting - about the way the people you are around shape you.

What do you think about this?
If you listened to it, what would you change?

I missed the link to it on Dave's blog but another friend saw it.  Her reflection was "how might this shape what faith community we are around?"  Very good question, I reckon about that and many other things.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Every Day

I am regularly thankful for the formation of my teenage years.  Below is one of the things that was in our church newsletter approx. 20 years ago that at various times has been on the wall of my bedroom or office. I was prompted to go find it tonight by a tweet by Bryan ... about a post that John Piper had written.

Reflections from Psalm 104

1.  Every day, I will look into the sky and see the miracle of God.
2.  Every day, I will open my eyes and ears to see mystery ... in a person, a flower, a cloud or a tiny and apparently little creature.
3.  Every day, I will not tolerate the current idea of mindless and endless revolutionary process.
4.  Every day, I will treat as a special gift from God, to be lived for Him.
5.  Every day, I will determine not to believe that this day is merely another ambiguous and plodding 24 hours, but rather a meeting with God in everything I do, and everything that happens to me.
6.  Every day, I will not demean my own uniqueness by envying others.
7.  Every day, I will ask for and receive a new cleansing that God graciously offers in His Son.