Sunday, March 07, 2010


Transitions.  Interesting times.  When we go through transitions, it's not just us going through them.  They impact those around us.  They impact our relationships.  They impact our inner world.  They impact our time.  They impact our energy.  They impact all around us.  We are indeed interconnected individuals and each of our decisions impacts each other.  If we do this, than we can't do that.  If we do this, we won't want to do that.  We often don't know the full impact of a transition until we are in it, or perhaps even after that season.  We might be able to guess, others might be able to guess but it's only in the midst of it and in reflection on it that we can know it's real impact.

I'm very much enjoying my current transition - but I'm very conscious of the transition it is for others as well as me.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Oh Where are You Going?

Recently, I was in a church service and we sang this song from the
Iona Commununity. The words really struck me:

1. Oh where are you going,
and can I come with you,
and why is your company
never the same?
You sit among beggars,
you argue with bankers,
debate with the lawyers
and walk with the lame.

2. Oh where are you going,
and can I come with you,
and what is your secret
towards which you strive?
What hidden inspirer,
what unseen admirer,
what dream is the substance
upon which you thrive?

3. I'm going on a journey
and welcome companions,
but don't ask me how we'll
survive, where we'll go,
or who will come with us,
or what we'll be doing.
Just join me in travelling
and learn all I know.