Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Following Jesus in Everyday Contexts

If you were part of a group looking at what it means to be a follower of Jesus in the contexts that you find yourself everyday - what would you want to look at?
(if you are going to be part of this group - feel more than free to answer the question too!)
Maybe an even better question - what would not want to look at? And why?

Birthday Rolls On

Yes - the birthday continues! Last night I went to some friends' place for dinner and those present decided that it was necessary to go for coffee and cake at a local cafe after dinner in honour of my birthday. Once more, very pleasant and lovely.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Two books on Leadership

As well as partying I've beenr eading two books: Leadership and the New Science by Margaret Wheatley and Surfing the Edge of Chaos by Pacale, Millemann & Gioja. If you're into that kind of stuff - I strongly recommend them. Once I've finished them I will write more about them.

Too much partying

The last few days have been quite pleasant really. Thursday was my birthday. A special thanks to all those who helped celebrate that in your various ways - emails, phone calls, presents, organising of cakes, lunches with me, partying with me etc etc.

On Thursday, I went to Sth Yarra with 2 friends for lunch. We spent hours talking, sitting & eating - a most pleasant way to spend an afternoon, especially having the sun streaming in and sitting directly under the heater (Melbourne is COLD at the moment!). That night went out with my parents to Nth Fitzroy Star.

Friday night went out with a very good friend for dinner to our fav. local Spud place for dinner. They have just done it up and we just had to go and have dinner there (I was by then in the mood for a low key dinner!) - and we discovered they have added two new spuds to their menu. Need to try those - Dahl Makhani and Chicken Korma.
Then I had a party - a drop in and have a drink and celebrate at the bar/cafe place that is several of our second home - Wesley Anne. It's a place where several of us are very much "regulars" and it was lovely to selebrate there. People came and went, many stayed for hours and a good time was had by all. A couple of people made cakes (thanks guys!) and I had happy birthday sung to me ... and the guy who runs Wesley Anne gave me a free shot!

On Saturday arvo. I went to the Art Gallery and had lunch with two other good friends. Their is an Impressionists exhibition on in Melbourne at the moment and I love Impressionist art. A relaxing lunch and fun afternoon.

Later I had dinner with someone to talk about some things and then we went off to a friends house warming party.

Yesterday, went to our Sunday gathering and had an ace time ... then went to friends for lunch (with others) stayed for several hours, came home and had other in and out here during the evening.

A very full but very good week or so.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Our warped Proverb

In our communities Sunday gathering last week, someone directed our attention to Proverbs 3:5-8 and we spent some time reflecting on some of the concepts in it. Having reflected a bit on it, couldn't help re-writing it according to the opposite - pretty close to how many of us often live, I reckon!

Trust in yourself and others with all your being,
and lean fully on your and their insight,
In all your ways acknowldge yourself and them,
And your paths will be very crooked.
Be very wise in your own eyes;
ignore the Lord, and embrace evil
It will be draining for your flesh,
and exhausting for your body.

Do look up the original - it's a much better way to live!