Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another Beautiful Day

Sitting in the internet cafe in Byron Bay - well one of them!!!!
Yesterday morning was NOT a beautiful day weather wise ... pouring rain all the way to the Gold Coast, where I dropped Tracy ... and then continued up to Brisbane because my friend who was going to come down and meet me at the Gold Coast had a sick 4 year old daughter (who ended up going to kinder after all but it was looking questionable for a while and we weren't convinced that she wouldn't need to be picked up - a bit problematic if mum is an hours drive away). So I got to see their house, see the kids school and kinder respectively, got to have dinner with them ... and got to have a rave and spend time with a friend who is incredibly important to me (they moved to Brisbane at the beginning of last year). It's funny - I didn't realise how much I missed her (and the kids) until I burst into tears on the way home to Byron last night. They are good friends, it was great to see them, but it did open up just how much I miss them. It was a good day.

On Monday we went to Brunsick Heads (a beach up the road a bit) - had dinner there at a place called Hotel Brunswick and stood on a dark, isolated beach for ages ... was very gorgeous. We also had coffee with someone we'd met at church the day before - also quite fun.

Today - not sure what it's in store - we'll see. I'm in quite an adventuring mood, shocking Tracy and I, we were expecting that she would be the one who wanted to go exploring and I would want to sit in the tent and read al day - seems to be the opposite, I'm wanting to explore and she's wanting to sit on the beach. We're quite amused and interested in what's happening in both of us.
All fun!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Byron Bay - 1

Sitting in an internet cafe in Byron Bay. Gosh it's nice to be in a t-shirt and it be warm enough to not ned a jumper :)
Tracy and I drove up in 2 days, stopping overnight in Dubbo. We had dinner the first day in Grenfell, the town where my mum grew up and has a significant amount of family history attached to it (both my grandparents on mum's side are buried there) - and it all renewed the passion in me about family history. On the next day we stopped in Tamworth for lunch and then Grafton for dinner. It was all a fun drive and way more than just "driving to get somewhere" - it really was the beginning of our holiday. Tracy and I were commenting that by about lunchtime on the first day I was in another world and the world of work and Melbourne life was thoroughly left behind - I've been finding that while I work hard and live quite an involved with people life I'm more able than ever to leave stuff aside and live in the present of my day - whatever that happens to be. It's quite fun - and means that each day is quite an adventure, whatever it has in store.
We arrived in Byron Bay in the midst of busy partying Saturday night and were both quite stunned at just how big and busy it was. We wandered around a bit before collapsing for the night after 2 quite full days of driving. Then yesterday the task of the day was to put up the tent, which we did ... then went to Bangalow to the market for a little and to grab some lunch (at 2.30pm) ... then came back in time to go hang with the church community we thought we'd check out at 4pm ... that was ace and we ended up there til 8.30 ... too late for the supermarket so we had dinner out and then went to a pub and danced a bit (continuing on from having danced at church!) and headed back to the tent at 11.30pm.

This morning we did make it to the supermarket ... for food for breakfast ... and then had breakfast at 11.30am ... now I'm sitting in an internet cafe at 1.30pm. Life's great ... we're quite relaxed ... our goal for the day is getting some shopping done and we are having coffee this arvo with someone we met yesterday. Loads of stuff to do, and we're both thinking about lots ... I expected to be in a crash and read mood - but instead I find myself in an explore, excited mood. As I was saying to Tracy this morning, I think it's saying good stuff about the amount that I have been letting myself stop in normal life ... so while I'm am very tired and needed to get away from the everyday life stuff (people, tasks etc) because of my Sabbaths etc I don't have the same need to crash as I often do.

Life is good. And I'm very aware of the amazingness of God.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Grace and Dignity

A quote from Stephanie of Just Etchings:

Grace and legalism cannot exist together. Legalism will squeeze grace out, but grace will invite legalism to shed it's coat and begin to find true life.

Shame and dignity cannot exist together in our story. Shame holds us in bondage. Dignity gives shame a kick in the butt and invites us to wear dignity and honor our story with the co-author of it - God.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sick - but alive

I've been wanting to post various things but just don't get around to it. Right now I've got the flu and like it almost always does - it's gone straight to my ears. I'm trying very hard to take it easy and rest up.
We've got 5 days and then I'm on holidays for two weeks - yay!!! My friend Tracy and I are driving up to Byron Bay and camping there for two weeks ... I'm just longing to collapse, drink coffee, think, journal, pray, read, relax, sleep, go for long walk on the beach ... Tracy and I are very good friends and have holidayed together several times now - so it should be fun. As much as I love people, I really do need space, and lots of it ... so I am loking forward to this chance for some space ... from people, from responsibility, from to do lists, from all the "necessities" of life ... and get to some bare basics for a while.
Before then - I have loads to do ... lots to get done and in order before I go ... so quite a few meetings, lots of emails, lots to organise, lots to make sure is in process for while I'm away. The ncie thing is that I'm better at putting things down then I have been so I have very little concern that I'll be able to.
But first - I'm running church (Solace) tomorrow morning.

And I do need to say which church at the moment because I seem to be somewhere different most weeks, last week I was running the Sunday morning time at Reservoir Salvos, the week before that I ran the evening time at St Paul's Fairfield ... all so different, yet so fun and all of those are places which in different ways are "my people", so none of those ones are "visiting speaking", although those do happen.

There is so much going on in my brain - that I don't know where to start ... so right now I won't ... except to say that life is very good and I'm very content ... although I wish my ear would unblock!

Friday, August 12, 2005


For a range of reasons I've been thinking about what it means to give dignity to others ... or what it means not to, for that matter. What are the things that we do, or don't do, that give those we have contact with dignity - and what takes away their dignity. For most of us our belief in our own dignity is quite fragile - we don't need help in lessening it more.
I've been really aware of the ways in which I have not treated others with dignity, sometimes through actually thinking I was helping them or loving them ... as well as aware of the ways in which I haven't been treated with dignity, often because of the persons own issues.
I've also been knowing the invitation to inceasingly enter the space of treating all who I'm in contact with in ways that give them dignity. I wonder what ways of relating you are conscious of that increase or decrease dignity?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I've been writing a Chapter today on the Way of Learning and Understanding for the Spiritual Traditions Course (called Remaking) that my community runs. And once again I've got excited about the Bible and the way that God's spirit meets us in our reading of the Bible ... and the way find ourselves in the story ... and the encouragement for God's people to be a story-formed community ... and our invitation to be actors in the story of the remaking of the world. Get a feeling I'm excited?