Monday, August 29, 2005

Byron Bay - 1

Sitting in an internet cafe in Byron Bay. Gosh it's nice to be in a t-shirt and it be warm enough to not ned a jumper :)
Tracy and I drove up in 2 days, stopping overnight in Dubbo. We had dinner the first day in Grenfell, the town where my mum grew up and has a significant amount of family history attached to it (both my grandparents on mum's side are buried there) - and it all renewed the passion in me about family history. On the next day we stopped in Tamworth for lunch and then Grafton for dinner. It was all a fun drive and way more than just "driving to get somewhere" - it really was the beginning of our holiday. Tracy and I were commenting that by about lunchtime on the first day I was in another world and the world of work and Melbourne life was thoroughly left behind - I've been finding that while I work hard and live quite an involved with people life I'm more able than ever to leave stuff aside and live in the present of my day - whatever that happens to be. It's quite fun - and means that each day is quite an adventure, whatever it has in store.
We arrived in Byron Bay in the midst of busy partying Saturday night and were both quite stunned at just how big and busy it was. We wandered around a bit before collapsing for the night after 2 quite full days of driving. Then yesterday the task of the day was to put up the tent, which we did ... then went to Bangalow to the market for a little and to grab some lunch (at 2.30pm) ... then came back in time to go hang with the church community we thought we'd check out at 4pm ... that was ace and we ended up there til 8.30 ... too late for the supermarket so we had dinner out and then went to a pub and danced a bit (continuing on from having danced at church!) and headed back to the tent at 11.30pm.

This morning we did make it to the supermarket ... for food for breakfast ... and then had breakfast at 11.30am ... now I'm sitting in an internet cafe at 1.30pm. Life's great ... we're quite relaxed ... our goal for the day is getting some shopping done and we are having coffee this arvo with someone we met yesterday. Loads of stuff to do, and we're both thinking about lots ... I expected to be in a crash and read mood - but instead I find myself in an explore, excited mood. As I was saying to Tracy this morning, I think it's saying good stuff about the amount that I have been letting myself stop in normal life ... so while I'm am very tired and needed to get away from the everyday life stuff (people, tasks etc) because of my Sabbaths etc I don't have the same need to crash as I often do.

Life is good. And I'm very aware of the amazingness of God.

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