Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sleepless night so I'll write about Coffee!

Can't sleep - so I thought i might as well do something I've been meaning to do for ages - ie. start writing about coffee. I will write about some of the conversations and times that I have over coffee (and tea, other drinks and food too) but I figure telling the stories of my coffees might be an interesting way of discussing my life. So let me think back ... On Saturday, I grabbed a latte at Alfio's, the cafe where I am most a "regular" - they definately know my order and by the time and how I come in and can tell whether I am there for take away or sitting down ... they can't yet tell whether I'm there alone or expecting to meet someone though. Went to work for a bit (love the office with no-one in it) and then went and had a late lunch and a latte with Tim and Tracy after they'd been in the op shop for the morning. Great lunch and coffee at Organic Gertrude, another place on Station St in Fairfield. Sunday - let me see if I can remember ... ah yes ... brunch with a girl who I mentor at Qube on Station St - Pancakes and yep you guessed it a latte. Then home and I had a cup of T2 French Earl Gray Tea with my neighbours who popped over for a chat. Then off to work and we had our opening of new office building - I got so busy talking to people that I really didn't get near food or drink of any kind. Then church and pizza for dinner with one of the other people from St Paul's. So we are up to Monday. It's the day I'm in the op shop and I grab a take away latte from Degani's on Station St before going into the chruch building where our op shop is and having a few moments of quiet reflection before the day begins. Mid afternoon when I'm beginning to fade I pop next door and get a latte from the Greek cafe to one side of our church building. Monday night - yum food and a glass of wine and dinner with Tracy & Tim, Chris, Sally & Abby, and Jeff and Virginia. Lovely night. So we come to Tuesday. (yes we begin to see a life where coffee and food are important) Having left the car at work on Monday night, I walk to work and drop by Alfio's and get a latte as I walk. A bit later I'm back at Alfio's for a meeting with Stu from Solace - planning some things for the next couple of Sunday's and varous other things. Tuesday night girls over last night - and I cooked a roast and finished off a bottle of wine with Rach. So we are up to today - my Wednesday morning coffee ritual was broken as the MacLean's were out of coffee and Tracy, Liv and I pray together on Wednesday morning - so tea for me this morning. Mid morning I was a bit brain foggy so I popped out for a coffee and some food - went to a great cafe on Heidelberg Road called Apte an had Mueseli (best I've had in a long time) and a latte - and got my head around where life and work was up to. Back to work and then at the end of the day at quite a frustrated moment went back to Alfio's, got my laptop out on one of the outside tables ordered a latte and had a very productive 30 minutes writing most of an email to mission directors.

For those of you who want a glimpse of my life - that's not a bad one - as I said my life around coffee and food!