Friday, December 17, 2010

Today is a New Day

This year I've been part of a gathering where we spend an hour each week doing 4 different spiritual exercises.  In our last 6 week cycle, journalling was one of these.  Here's a poem I wrote a few weeks ago:

Today is a new day
It's a brand new day
The breaking of the dawn
The coming of the new.

New adventures
New horizons
Life as we know it
Is left behind for good.

The future ahead
Possibilities abound
Trust is nurtured
And embraced.

It's anew day
New challenges
Life to be lived
Love to be loved.

Look forward
Not back
The world beckons
Respond with all of yourself.

Today is a new day
A day to be thankful for
Life to be lived
A day to live to the fullest.

Leave yesterday behind
It has shaped you
But there is no more to be done there
Today is the only day you can do anything about.

What is it that must be done today?
That is different from yesterday
And different from tomorrow.

What is the invitation for today?
Just today, not tomorrow
Not bound up in yesterday
Just today.