Sunday, June 27, 2010

Excitement around a Female PM

As the week in Australian politics has unfolded, I've watched people around me be excited about the first female PM in Australia, whatever they think of how it came about.  I'm not unhappy about it - but the whole issue of women being in significant roles just doesn't fill me with excitement.  And that has had me pondering - why is that?  Alongside that I have numerous people around me who are very conscious of these issues in many areas of society - so I have much reason to ponder why these issues are not overly present for me.

As I've pondered this week, I think it's due to a strong belief that women can and will be in those roles and a sense of taking it for granted, even though it's physically never happened before.  There is a sense in me of "of course, what's the big deal".

I do see that these issues are real in our society but there is a very real sense that they are not overly present for me ... thanks to all sorts of things in who I am and my upbringing.