Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another Beautiful Day

Sitting in the internet cafe in Byron Bay - well one of them!!!!
Yesterday morning was NOT a beautiful day weather wise ... pouring rain all the way to the Gold Coast, where I dropped Tracy ... and then continued up to Brisbane because my friend who was going to come down and meet me at the Gold Coast had a sick 4 year old daughter (who ended up going to kinder after all but it was looking questionable for a while and we weren't convinced that she wouldn't need to be picked up - a bit problematic if mum is an hours drive away). So I got to see their house, see the kids school and kinder respectively, got to have dinner with them ... and got to have a rave and spend time with a friend who is incredibly important to me (they moved to Brisbane at the beginning of last year). It's funny - I didn't realise how much I missed her (and the kids) until I burst into tears on the way home to Byron last night. They are good friends, it was great to see them, but it did open up just how much I miss them. It was a good day.

On Monday we went to Brunsick Heads (a beach up the road a bit) - had dinner there at a place called Hotel Brunswick and stood on a dark, isolated beach for ages ... was very gorgeous. We also had coffee with someone we'd met at church the day before - also quite fun.

Today - not sure what it's in store - we'll see. I'm in quite an adventuring mood, shocking Tracy and I, we were expecting that she would be the one who wanted to go exploring and I would want to sit in the tent and read al day - seems to be the opposite, I'm wanting to explore and she's wanting to sit on the beach. We're quite amused and interested in what's happening in both of us.
All fun!

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