Saturday, May 21, 2005

Too much to say to say anything!

I've been planning on posting for days and days ... but it seems that every time I go to post I either don't have the energy ... but also like I go "which of the many, many things that I've been doing or thinking about do I post on" ... and then there's the good old things being too confidential, personal or tricky to write on a blog ... I imagine you bloggers out there will relate.

Other people have commented on Paul's absense at Lynda's 21st and on scattering his ashes on Eleoura Beach - I had a lovely few days with Julie last week, including one day where we went to the Yarra Valley, which was a favourite place to go with Paul and had a lovely lunch and scattered some of his ashes together. It was one of those times where words can never do justice to it - but definately something that was immensely special. One of my friends said that what she hoped and prayed for us was that it was "a time of love, joy, tears, fear and grief and that it was profound" ... yep that just about sums it up.
And by the way - Yering Station is a very very nice place to go for lunch - we sat watching the cows thinking that Paul would definately have enjoyed!
You move on and you never move on hey!

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