Sunday, May 01, 2005

Healthy Kind of Sadness

Today is a happy/sad day! Today a group of close friends/kindrid spirits farewelled some very close friends of mine - they are off to England "for a time". I am so excited to see them go, I have journeyed this decision with them every step of the way, and believe that it is so right. But that doesn't make the grief of parting easier, it does make it much more mixed but not easier. My relationship with these guys is some of the most close and healthy of my life and seeing them move to the other side of the world fills me with grief. But as I reflect on it, I reckon it's a healthy kind of sadness - we were made for the kind of relationships that I have with these guys and there is great sadness, that is appropriate, in parting locations for a time (at least). We were also made to be free with each other to enable us to go and be where God would have us be and this is also something that is very real in our relationship - that is what we most long for for each other and that freedom is deeply present ... and I am barracking for them the whole way to England. I know they will be warmly welcomed by the community they are going to and that God will take good care of them.
So deep grief and deep joy are both deeply present today.
Farewell from Australia Kate, Tri, Celia and the youngest one of the family.

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