Saturday, May 21, 2005

My book pile

Thought that it would be interesting to comment on books that I'm either reading, have read recently or want to read soon:
The other day my boss put a book on my desk that I have been wanting to read for ages: Join Me by Danny Wallace. Have heard alot about it from a number of people and looking forward to reading it.
I am reading Blue Light Jazz at the moment - a book that says it is "nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality". I've heard lots about it from a friend and also on various blogs. It's good.
I'm dipping in and out of Liberation Management by Tom Peters - a book recommended by the person I work with. Very good, crazy read and I love it, but I can only take so much at a time.
I'm re-reading bits of Children Finding Faith, one of the best books I know on childrens ministry.
Also at times reading bits of The Singer Trilogy - gets me so excited about life, catches me up in the song!
A book that came into the Resource Centre at work recently was Meet Them Where They are At - really about youth work but actually a great book about mission and incarnational theology (that is, "meeting people where they are").
And of course, having written about it the other week - I finished Brian McLaren's latest book The Last Word and the Word after That a few weeks ago and it is slowly making it's way around my friends.
And I am waiting to get my hands on another book by Brian McLaren - A Generous Orthodoxy, I just need to get one friends copy off another friend.

There are some other books around - but they are some key ones! That's plenty!

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