Saturday, March 26, 2005


Well it keeps being ages ... and I keep planning on that being different ... but it hasn't changed. Hopefully, it really will this time.

Life has been quite crazy, both just by nature and also by my own choosing. There has been and is lots going on in pretty much every arena of life at the moment.
Today life is very good. Down at my friends place on the Mornington Peninsula and eaten very well the last two days (they practice Sabbath Friday night/Saturday which includes feasting!) - had yummy Vietnamese food after stopping in Springvale on my way down to get some much needed ingredients (and learnt what some particular herbs were for the first time!).
Lots of rest, and also good conversation and praying with some good friends ... and loads of 2 year old medicine.
Talking of two year olds - my two year old friend had Good Friday explained to her yesterday and since then has been at times (like when we prayed at dinner tonight) been saying "Jesus ouch" ... mmm ... be "nice" sometimes for it to be that fresh for us!

Also been looking up recipes in my friends Jewish cookbooks and have found a recipe for "Haman's ears" which I've been wanting for when I celebrate Purim - the Jewish festival where you read through Esther in a months time. Purim was actually yesterday and Jewish Passover this year is in a month, but due to the Christian calandar I've reversed them for myself this year. Had a Passover meal that a friends and I ran for Solace and others last week with 40 people - very fun, memorable, though exhausting.

Will write more soon ... back to reading, drinking tea and sleeping (going out for coffee - real coffee in the morning!)

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