Monday, February 28, 2005

General update on life

Just thought I would do a bit of a general update on life ... particularly since some people who read this blog are friends who aren't based in Melbourne, and even those of you who do, I haven't necessarily seen for a while.
This last weekend I was down at Anglesea (Great Ocean Road) speaking on a church camp - for Thornbury Church of Christ. Good weekend, and I think I encouraged them in some of their thinking. I got them to think about Jesus (always a good thing!), the kingdom of God, the church (got them reading Ephesians 1 ... using a thing called Lectio Divina, which a way of reading/praying the Bible), talked about centred set (for more on what this is have a look at this site - a great summary of what one of the people from Warrnambool SUFM did at their core weekend just this last weekend too), talked about incarnation and what it means to be follows of Jesus in entering into neighbourhoods ... I think God used what I said to encourage them as a group of his people to be his hands and feet in the world - I hope so.
It was a fun time too ... and I came back really quite relaxed for someone who had been working :)
I spent Saturday arvo at one of my favourite cafes across from the surf beach in Anglesea, reading a little book I picked up at the Ridley library last week about All-Age church rather than All-age worship ... and reading the Saturday paper. Very relaxing.
On Saturday night we watched a movie called Molokai, which is well worth a watch.

Last week I was at staff retreat at Belgrave Heights. Two quite relaxing days of spending time with the staff team. We did a few sessions together thinking about what the last year has been for us as individuals, for SU Victoria and for the world ... and some time thinking about our dreams too. It was a really fun and relaxing time and I came back mro relaxed than I have been in a long time. (yep that's work too!)

This coming week we have 3 days back up at Belgrave Heights with the SU Tasmania guys as well as the SU Vic guys - at an inservice training - should be a good time but certainly will be harder work than the last time we were there!

I've also been doing various Solace things - planning some times over the next few weeks, Sunday gatherings, various individual nights for various things etc etc.

On a personal front, I'm moving house. We take possession of our new house tomorrow but won't move in until probably the weekend after next. I'm still going to be living in Northcote but in a house with a friend. We are very much looking forward to it. I'm sure you will hear more over time.

Phew - and that's just a bit of what I've been doing ... packing is big on the agenda of the next few weeks, as well as getting settled, catching up with mission directors, and various other Solace and SU things.

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