Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Well it's almost a week into lent now. I'm sad that I missed out doing something for Shove Tuesday with anyone (other than attending a work meeting, I could have made that a pancake night - now that would have been good!). But I helped lead an Ash Wednesday gathering - which I think was good. But especially good was the time we spent the previous Sunday preparing it.

So often we have just seen lent as a time of giving up things ... but giving up for what?
It is also a time of focusing ... and for some a time of taking up or renewing commitment to some form of disciplines.

For me, I'm already implementing a number of disciplines in my life, things that I decided to do on a retreat last month ... but I have given up caffienated coffee for lent. Feeling the effects? Yep ... then thing I'm thinking about the most though is how good making " a choice for life" is. Mmm ... that could do with more thought.

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