Friday, February 11, 2005

Crazy weeks!

The last few weeks have been crazy - partly because they have been, partly because I have somehow chosen for that. But today has been somewhat different - quit productive really in all sorts of ways, but a different pace and not dictated too by my diary - there was just one thing in there for today.

I am trying to have Friday as a day off, Sabbath type day. I have had days like these before but I'm trying to learn anew a bit of what is helpful for me on such days - and I know it will be a journey. One of the things that I struggle with is what does this look like when (as a friend of mine says about herself) "you don't so much have a job as a lifestyle". Some of the words that she has said to her community are "think twice before you ask anything of me on such days". Some other things I'm thinking are important for me is very little diaried stuff - so I can do what I want/need on that day. I've also been thinking that I need other set time in the week to do personal/house stuff so that it doesn't get relegated to this day.

Life has been very good in so many ways - just very full.

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