Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday

Another relaxing day ... and night last night.

Coffee this morning before church - which was fun even though the cafe that my friends wanted to take me to was shut ... we found another one which was nice, although we might just need to go back to the other one tomorrow ... and yes I think that not drinking coffee for lent has been a useful thing, both in terms of breaking an addiction (don't plan to let it get back to an addiction level - even though I'll now be free to drink it) and also in terms of thinking about what it means to choose life and live in freedom.

But a highlight of the day was this morning at church and again relates to my 2 year old friend. We were up kneeling for communion (Anglican church) and after receiving a blessing she looked very seriously at the priest and said "no worries" (when she might be expected to say "Amen"). The priest, her parents and I all lost it laughing (although the priest pulled herself together to continue giving out the bread) ... and then at the end of the service when the priest went to do the blessing she told the congregation what my 2 year old friend had said and got us all to say "no worries" instead of "Amen" at the end of the blessing ... was very good and very fun. I often talk about how much a blessing that girl is - and she continues in that trend ... in many more ways than just this.

Also just enjoyed the service this morning - a slightly High Anglican Church that reminds me of how liturgy can be done well, relaxed and with meaning. Once again reminded me of my calling to Anglican church ministry (plenty of things put me off it - so it's nice to have good strong reminders of it!).

More reading ... journalling ... eating ... sleeping ... talking ... praying ... and watching Two Towers.

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