Friday, September 03, 2004

Doing or Thinking

A statement and idea I've heard a fair bit is "act your way into a new of thinking". The idea is that the way to change how people think is to get them to act differently and then they will think differently. There is much that I agree with in that - so often churches especially just major on what people think and expect it to change the way people live when so often it stops as heard knowledge rather than real knowledge which is lived and thought.

BUT I'm conscious of how different people process and people like me who need a framework to act in. That is, I need to "understand" the system/how it works, then I can know how to act and the action has a framework for it - ofcourse the action then reinforces the thinking and then the thinking reinfoces the action then ... (I won't go on!)

I think that they are absolutely inter-related and I guess I have been around lots of people who major on the "acting changing thinking" in recent times. What are your thoughts

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