Saturday, September 04, 2004

Living in a process world

Yesterday I finished reading "Leadership and the New Science" by Margaret Wheatley. Excellent book.

I loved these sentances and thought that many of you would too:
"the greatest challenge for me lies not in adopting any one new method, but in learning generally to live in a process world. It's a completely different way to be. Life demands that I participate with things as they unfold, to expect to be surprised, to honor the mystery of it, and to see what emerges. These were difficult lessons to learn. I was well-trained to create things - plans, events, measures, programs. I invested more than half my life in trying to make the world conform to what I thought was best for it. It's not easy to give up the role of master creator and move into the dance of life.
But what is the alternative, for me or you? Our dance partner insists that we put into ourselves in motion, that we learn to live with instability, chaos, change, and surprise. We can continue to stand immobilized on the shoreline, trying to protect ourselves from life's insistent gales, or we can begin moving. We can mourn the erosion of our plans, or we can set out to discover something new." (p153-154)

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