Monday, August 30, 2004

The food is crap!

The other week we had an interesting situation with the group of us who hang out regularly in our area. There is a key place where we hang and where we are very much regulars, where we are aiming to build relationships as well as have a "local" and the other week we were faced with a dilemma.
Often the food has been pretty average (with some exceptions like the time we had the best steak any of us have ever had!). On this particular occasion the food was appalling for all but one of our table. One persons risotto wasn't cooked properly, several of us ordered fish that was just plain awful. What do you do? What would you do?

What did we do? We discussed, we were fed up, we wondered what to do. A few people went and talked to the waitress, and we also talked to the owner who we know a bit - there was a new chef starting in a few days time and while I haven't eaten there since, the food looks great. We were polite but honest and used the opportunity to keep building relationships - and we chose to take the offered refund.
I thought that it was an interesting dilemma

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