Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Texting or phone calls?

What are your preferred methods of communication?  There are so many options these days.  I've had many conversations about this topic.  Sometimes, these have been sensitive as a friend and I work out how we use various communication tools differently and share with one another what it might mean to love each other well and as we work to understand each other.  Often these have been profitable and beneficial to the relationship.  Do you think about how you communicate, what you are trying to communicate and the best tool for that and what the person/people you are communicating with would prefer?  Do you text, phone (on mobile or home number?), Facebook message, email, snail mail or speak face-to-face?  Do you communicate with those around you your preferences?

I reckon much fruit comes from us thinking these issues through and this is an interesting post around the topic.

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