Monday, June 25, 2012

The question is the answer

"The question is the answer" is a phrase those who know me well are probably used to me saying.  Another favourite saying of mine is "live into the questions".  One wouldn't be surprised then to find that I loved the poem below as I read it on this blog:

Never kill a question;
it is a fragile thing.
A good question deserves to live.
One doesn’t so much answer it as converse with it,
Or, better yet, one lives with it.
Great questions are the permanent
and blessed guests of the mind.
But the greatest questions of all are those which build bridges to the heart,
addressing the whole person.
No answer should be designed to kill the question.
When one is too dogmatic or too sure,
one shows disrespect for truth and the question that points toward it.
Beyond my answer there is always more,
more light waiting to break in,
and waves of inexhaustible meaning
ready to break against wisdom’s widening shore.
Wherever there is a question, LET IT LIVE!
Gerhard Frost, from “Bless My Growing”

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