Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Commissioning Prayer

I was struck by the words of this Commissioning Prayer that was on this blog.

Co:missioning prayer

In the name of the divine and mysterious Trinity,

You have called us into being through love,

You have joined us to one another in love,

You have placed us in your world to love.

Grant each one of us the strength,

To carry your blessing from this place to the next.

May we be at home in any land and in any place in between,

for all the cosmos is yours.

May we, with our hopes set on shalom in the world,

live also as aliens in all lands.

May the rhythms of your creation,

be the pulse that sustains our very life.

May the lamp of your word guide our feet,

on the unsure paths of each day.

May your breathing be the wind that leads us,

across strange new oceans.

Our lives are but a flicker of a flame,

But we are kindled from your divine Spirit.

You have created us,

humble missionaries, holy wanderers,

Specs of dust and divine-image bearers.

Shadows of your creativity,

and crucibles of the spark of innovation.

We are constantly restless until we rest in you.

Grant each one of us and our community,

a deeper fullness of being and spirit,

May our faces be fuller in glory and joy,

now bearing new shape,

as we transform and supplement one another.

May that transformation bring peace, joy and love,

in the world in which you have placed us.

In the name of the Spirit who moves across the surface of the waters,

and in each beat of the human heart,

In the name of Jesus, the God-Man,

who died, rose and lives on for us,

In the name of the Creator and re-Creator,

the source of all beauty, freedom and grace.


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