Tuesday, September 11, 2007

George MacDonald Quote

"For to deny God in my own being is to cease to behold him in any. God and man can meet only by the man's becoming that which God meant him to be. Then he enters into the house of life, which is greater than the house of fame."

Birth, Dreaming, Death (The Schoolmasters Story)


elizabby said...

Hi Barb! Hope you are well and enjoying a rest. Do you like George MacDonald? I tried to read some of his books after I read the CS Lewis liked them, but I couldn't get into them. Is there one you would recommend to start with?

Barb said...

yeah - similarly I've tried to get into him because a friend is really into him. I've got a book of short stories of his that I find poignant, meaningful and do love when I'm in the right frame. This week's been one such time. Want to borrow?