Friday, July 08, 2005

A few thoughts from the Forge Nation Summit

Last weekend I was part of the Forge Nation Summit. Lots of thoughts and hopefully actions prompted for myself and others I went with and spoke to. I get stunned by God's timing and ability to work things into just what is needed for a person at a given time - that was the case for me and others.

Went to Hamo's workshop on Apostolic Leadership - great stuff and helpful to think through. He has listed what he walked about here.
Went to some workshops on The Theology of the Emerging Church. We talked about lots but the thing that I've really been left with is the thought from the story of the Prodigal Son that the Prodigal and the Older Brother don't talk. Has me thinking about lots of things.
I went to a panel on "what we can learn from ministry to the poor about ministry to the middle class" - great session but didn't really hit on that in the session because everyone on the panel are so passionate about ministry on the margins (could have benefitted from more of a range on the panel). I got lots out of it though. Here's some quote that I don't really know who said or wrote all of:
"If you have come to help me then you are wasting your time, but if you've come because your liberation is bound up with mine then let's work together."
"Margins always has a message for the centre"
"It's the things/people that you can't do anything about, that do something with you" - Richard Rohr
Also went to a workshop which inpired me no end about being present in and loving the community.

I've long since decided that the key at this kind of thing is to be inspired to keep on in the stuff I'm commited to, hopefully picking up some tools along the way and also hopefully being God's person in the right time and place to walk with what God's doing in another - all of these were parts of last weekend for me.

Dan and Hamo have written some good reflections on Women in Emerging Church/Apostolic Leadership coming out of the Summit. The people I was with certainly noted the absense of a woman as a "plenery session" speaker. I also would echo the "blokey feel" of the summit - although it didn't bother me. Although I did hear one female leader saying how nice it is to be in a situation where there are more blokes (obviously obviously in situations more frequently which is the opposite). Mmmm ... interesting stuff for us to journey with.

Phil has also listed some other quotes he heard around the place here.

Good on you Forge guys for a great time of encouraging the missional church in Australia.

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