Monday, June 20, 2005

Fainting for a Cause

I've just been over to some of mission directors place for dinner - yummy pumpkin soup and very yummy chocolate pudding ... just right for a cold winter night. They are a couple who I have heaps of respect for - as I do for many of our directors. It is a real privilege to walk beside the people who direct, and are involved in, the missions that I'm responsible for; so many of them are such ace people and I really do have the utmost respect for them on many levels.

Tonight these guys told me what at one level is most definately not a funny story - but on another level is quite funny. They were sharing about Scripture Union and about mission at their church earlier in the year and just as they started sharing someone in the congregation fainted. What do you do? Keep going? Draw even more peoples attention to the person? Quite an awkward situation really. Makes you think what they said to cause someone to faint!

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