Thursday, June 03, 2004

Ethics Finished

I've just finished semester at college. It's been a semester of learning lots - and other stuff that I've known or thought about for ages starting to gell and be clarified. I've done an essay on a Biblical Framework for Homosexuality and one on a Philosophical Framework for Christian Responses to Poverty. They have both challenged me heaps.

Tow key thoughts that I am still pondering are:

- what does living in the "now and not yet" mean for what we expect of Christians? How do we hold to truth in a fallen, non-ideal world? What does acceptance and grace look like without offering cheap grace? How do we hold firm to how God calls us to live and call each other to that but be realistic about us being in a fallen world in need of God's grace and transformation? I guess really - how do create cultures and spaces where truly transforming grace is the dominant culture?

- lots of theologians talk about a concept of "preferential option for the poor". I've been thinking about this for years now and am coming to the point where I think that while standing with everyone, loving everyone and caring for everyone - God does have a preferential option for the poor. I think that I see that in all sorts of ways in the biblical narrative, not least in Jesus. So I'm thinking lots about what this means for me. If I really believe this what needs to change in my life? I know that this is a life-changing kind of question, I suspect that's why it's been so long in coming

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