Sunday, June 13, 2004

God Nourishes Me!

I've had an amazing day of really knowing peace and stillness. Lots of most excellent stuff has happened as well as one quite average thing (ie.crap thing), but in it all I've been so aware of a stillness that is so special.

This morning I was at the Sunday gathering of my community, which was a very special time of knowing God's presence for us as a community, but it was a very special time for me personally too. There were some specifics about that but mostly it's just a stillness - that I have thought about in terms of the kind of stillness that is meant in "be still and know that I am God" - it's a stillness that has no angst in it.
Can't really put it into words but wanted to share what I could all the same.
Been almost in tears all day of delight in God and God's delight in me.

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