Sunday, April 11, 2004


One of my communities has been running the Labyrinth this weekend. It's been great that people have had an opportunity to encounter God in that way - thanks especially to Eddie. I also had an ace time as I walked the Labyrinth. For a range of reasons I decided that I needed to enter while no-one else was in the Labyrinth - representing it being a lonely journey and it being about me and God. So I did. After I'd been in a while some others started. I found out later that they were just passing by and came in to see what was happening - they were people who weren't followers of Jesus, I had a small chat with them and the ace people whose space we were using invited them for dinner and had a really good chat with them. But back to my time in the Labyrinth - it was like God was saying that I needed to enter alone and it will be surprising who will join me. It was really significant for me that the people who joined me weren't people who had diliberately come seeking that experience but rather people who stumbled on it. I so long for that to be my life - for others to join me on the journey and "stumble" over God on the way!

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