Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Discerning together

As I've indicated recently on my blog, there are many things going on in my life. I'm both excited by the opportunities that what is happening may open up, as well as scared by the unknownness of it all. There are many decisions to be made in the process.
Which has me thinking about: how do we walk together? Especially, how do we walk together in making decisions? How do we walk with each other in very real ways, looking for where God's at work? How do put ourselves in a position where we let others do that, without wanting them to take responsibility for the decisions we alone can, and need to, make?

I've been thinking about the Quaker "clearing meeting" idea because of Angi's comment of it on her blog a few days ago.
And I've been learning a fair bit about it from practice as I'm incredibly blessed to not only have numbers of ace people who are supporting me in a more general sense at the moment, but a couple of people who are very much walking with me trying to discern what God's up to. While in many ways it's a very lonely journey (how can making decisions be anything but!), I'm learning more about what healthy interdependance in the body of christ looks like than ever before.

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