Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Openness in our lives

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely dinner with someone I had never met before - a friend of a friend who is in Melbourne. We talked about many things but one of them really stood out to me.
She is visiting Melbourne for a month and we were reflecting on the way she had been invited into peoples lives. Now on this occasion some Christians as well as non-Christians had done quite well at inviting her to be part of what they were doing.
But we had a conversation about how often as Christians we are involved in so many things that actually we can't ask other people into - certainly not at a casual level like "I'm doing this on Tuesday night do you want to join me". Our lives are so often taken up with "closed" events.
I've been conscious of this for the last few years and trying to rearrange my life so that the majority of the things I do are "open" rather than "closed" things but it's good to be made particularly conscious of it again ... actually because of how much a non-Christian friend of this person has been welcoming

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