Thursday, February 12, 2004


How much is the stuff that many of us talk about a Gen X thing? That has been one of the questions that I have been asking recently.
Over the last six months or so I have been thinking about how I so easily think of "millenials" (or whatever you want to call those born from about 1980 onwards) as having the same characteristics as my age group - and that is so not a correct assumption. Both generations hate to be lumped all together ... but there are some key things that define us. I've been helped in my thinking about this at a couple of conferences/talks I've been too where Fuzz Kitto and Mark Sayers respectively have talked about generations including "Millenials". And been quite embarrassed as I've realised just how much I haven't considered the difference (the sociologist part of me squirms to admit such a thing!).

There are plenty of things written about the various differences but one thing that I wonder about is whether much of what many see as some of the characteristics of the "Emerging Church" (for want of a different name - definately wanting to avoid the current debate about that name) - are they characteristics of an incarnational church for Gen X but maybe not actually characteristics of what an incarnational church might look like for Millenials? Certainly the "missional impulse" would be the same but maybe some things like the liquidity would look different.

Pondering and unsure.

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