Wednesday, January 07, 2004

In Adelaide - sightseeing and stuff of the like, having been with a Beach Mission team for a few days in Port Fairy ... lots of time to be prompted by things to blog about (now in an internet cafe):

First thing that has been prompting thought in me is the Parable of the Weeds - have a read of it. But the thing it made me think about is that it seems to be a kingdom principle to let both the good (the wheat) and the bad (the weeds) grow side by side so that in pulling out the weeds you don't kill the wheat that is there. I think so often I see weeds and want to get rid of them straight away and in doing so actually kill wheat along the way. What do you reckon? What thoughts does it prompt for you?

I've been reading a book called Mass Culture - different perspectives on Communion. Been thinking about whether this meal that Jesus instituted is for his followers and the role that it has for people who are not followers of Jesus What do you reckon?

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