Monday, January 19, 2004


Almost out of nowhere I started thinking about the concept of allegience today. It was like a thought completely left of centre that just made alot of sense. Not sure if words can give it justice - but I'll try.
I thought about how in an army or when I think about things like ancient times - the concept of someone changing their allegience from one kingdom, one persons ways of doing things to another seems very real and natural. You need to de-program yourself from the ways of kingdom y because you now belong to kingdom x.
Struck me in a new way that is what it is like for us who are followers of Jesus - our allegience is a changed thing, and that it is about learning slowly but surely what that allegience to Jesus and the kingdom of God means.
All stuff I've even talked about heaps - but today a new level of hit my wholistic understanding.
And the key question - am I spelling allegience correctly?

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