Sunday, September 09, 2012

Impact of Interdenominational Organisations ...

I work for an interdenominational evangelical organisation.

I love that and there are so many great things that organisations like mine bring to the Christian spectrum.

However, there are some impacts of interdenominationalism.

Rory ponders whether in seeking to downplay the things that we don't agree on we lose some things and things that are important in the discipleship journey.  There are impacts, for example, of downplaying the sacraments.  This may not be significant in the interdenominational context that we are involved in together; however, often these situations shape our theology and practice strongly and we carry these influences over into the whole of our church and life contexts.  This certainly does impact the importance some place on the sacraments amongst other things - and may well have broad implications.

What do you reckon?

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cafedave said...

I think that in working for an interdenominational organisation one has to choose what one believes in, especially with regard to sacraments.

It's important to distinguish between gospel issues and conscience issues, but to have your own stance: otherwise it's too easy to lose sight of what you believe.

What is true matters, and it's worth being fully convinced for yourself, even as you are happy for others to be fully convinced with a different conclusion.