Friday, April 06, 2012

Why did Jesus die?

It's Good Friday.  I wonder what your reflections are today?

And I wonder how you would answer a 3 year old wondering about the meaning of today, asking "Why did Jesus die?"

As I read Steve's post about his response to this question, I felt relieved.  Relieved to read a simple yet not simplistic response to this question; relieved to have a simple yet broad understanding explored in the midst of understandings of this day being so narrow in so many circles.

I find myself ever more thankful for the implications of Jesus' death (and life and resurrection), yet more sure that no one understanding of this amazing action goes anywhere close to doing it justice.  And more and more frustrated by presentations and understandings that only represent and form people in one perspective of the many theological understandings that are around.

Today, I'm trying to put this annoyance aside in order to stand in gratitude - for the things I understand and the things beyond my understanding.  I have no doubt of the importance and impact of this act.

It silences me, it grieves me, it releases me, it frees me, it begs me on, it calls me to follow in laying down my life.
And the implications are not just for me (or any individual) - it has implications for the whole cosmos.

Death that is about life.
A death that re-orientates.
A death by a person who takes so much on and into himself.
A death that is about so much more ...

A person whose action of love is oh so complete.

Thanks that is lost for words.

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