Friday, April 06, 2012

Another perspective

A friend's Facebook status expresses some of my sentiment from my last post.  Thanks Beth Barnett for words that speak my own heart.

"All you logicians and explainers, 
apologists and rationalists
keep your silence, this one day
algorhythmicists, hold your genius aside

Dare you explain the logic of the death of God?
Dare you rationalize the holy broken?
Dare you set a price on the head of Christ?
Dare you analogize the rawest disgrace, the hideous pitiful suffering -
with a scale, a law, a code, a currency, a formula?
Dare you construct a frame in which all this terror, abuse, betrayal, evil, malevolent injustice, pain and death make sense?

Shut up – just this once – please.

Let us gape at the senselessness

How else but that we see the senselessness of suffering
the senselessness of sin,
will we ever stop our rationalizing of our own corruption?
how else will we ever have our heart of sense restored?
Or even know our needfulness of it…"

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