Saturday, September 12, 2009

Others Doing the Promoting for You

During the week I read this post by Seth Godin.

It made me think about the work that we are doing in our local area.  We have more children and families in our drop in space for families everyday than really is comfortable.  This comes from really starting this space operating like this in October last year - not long at all.

It was after a long process of presence, prayer and discernment and a commitment to the building and our actions being for the use of the local community.

Regularly, we have people coming in because they have heard about it from someone we don't know.

One my co-workers in all this wrote this in response to reading Seth's post - it is so true and most excellent:
People in the first circle aren't interested in telling others about the thing we are doing, they want to share the place where they, their children and their friends belong. 

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