Sunday, September 21, 2008

Definition of Spirituality

We were sitting around at our regular coffee catch up time for staff around our network and discussing a range of things regarding spirituality. At one point, one of the people who is fairly disparaging of the word "spirituality" asked us all what we meant by the term. We went around and shared ... it's an interesting question. Most answers were something around "connection with 'the other'". The thing I added to that was that it was about "being" - with ourselves, God ('the other') and each other. I think for me at the moment it's something like "the mystery of deep connection with 'the other' which allows a 'being' with ourselves, God, each other and the world as it is in reality".

As I think about what I said in that conversation and a conversation over dinner last night when someone asked me about the Alexander Technique lessons I've been having all year - I recognise that "being" is the word of the year for me. It's an active "Being" - but it's not "doing" - it's a mystery that is hard to put words to but I know that I'm deeply growing in. It's a different way of living. It's one of being fully present in reality - physically, emotionally, spiritually. It's full of life and possibilies. It recognises limits and even chooses to limit itself further for the sake of growth and life.

Anyway - what's your definition of 'spirituality'? For those of you more "in church circles" - how would you define what the word means to you to someone "not of a Christian faith"?


Anonymous said...

I've had a similar experience with Alexander Technique lessons, even though I started taking them purely to alleviate my back pain (which it did).

For anyone interested in learning more about it, they have a great site at

Rachel Goff said...

For me it's about 'feeling' and 'feeling and living into' an experience of yourself but a higher, more intuitive, integrated form of yourself - 'God' or the 'Life force' within yourself.

It's an excitement, it's a depression - it is a 'being', I agree with you Barb.

I use '' because these are terms which can be different to each person.