Friday, June 16, 2006

Are we really?

One of my favourite quotes is from Dallas Willard:
"You are safely more than what you do".

In the shower this morning (where all good quotes come!), I was reflecting on this quote and a thought popped into my head "But are you safely more than what you haven't done".

My thoughts led me onto how other people demand stuff of us nd that for some people - just in the way that they weigh us by what we do, those same people, or others, wiegh us by what we have not done - those things define who we are, at least at that time, for them.

Now I'm not justifying what I haven't done (seriously!) - but I do reckon that it's a good line of thought for a Sabbath. How do we define people by what they haven't done? (generally because we are ourselves so desperate to have it done!) AND, without being slack or justifying our non-action how do we encourage those people do not define by those things.

Thankfully, I know deeply (most of the time) that as far as God is concerned I am safely more than both what I do and what I don't do!

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