Thursday, April 06, 2006


Sorry about the lack of posting on this site - it's just felt like too much effort to post recently; not really sure why but I've just gone with it.

Life's quite good in general - it's been a busy year so far in many ways, but partly because I'm choosing to have time out to relax :)

Just recently been to Qld for an SU National Conference which was I enjoyed and was useful, and either side of that had some time off. Beforehand hung out with some other staff (and some other friends) and afterwards stayed with friends in Brisbane. Lovely, relaxing and very much what I needed.

Have come back to Melbourne, into the house I moved into half a week before I went away, and I've broken out in some mystery disease, that's unlikely to be chickenbox (which is what I was diagnosed with) and unlikely to be scabies (which is what one of my colleagues has been diagnosed with). 3 staff who all went to the same conference with the same symptoms, baffling all doctors we have seen, but in the end having three different diagnoses! I'm fine; at home, in the warm and quite amused really!

As I said, life's good, quite, quite good actually ... but I do need to stop procrastinating an essay for college!

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