Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Leadership and the New Science

I've been reading a book by Margaret Wheatley called "Leadership and the New Science" - and loving it. I've read bits of it before and been around and discussed many of the concepts but am loving and being refreshed by reading the book through. It's based on quantum physics ideas and what we can learn from that about leadership and organisations. It's one of those books which is a hard balence between "I can't put this down" and "My brain is about to burst".

It talks about having a "values field" and that out of that values field people should have freedom to dream, put into action their ideas etc (not quite true to Margaret's words - but I'm trying to explain stuff in a sentence or two!). One of the things I've been wrestling with heaps in the last few years is just how to help "values field" happen. I'm so against the whole "vision-casting" idea but at the same time recognise that leadership isn't bad. Also know that there is no such thing as an empty value field - there will be something in there. So my million dollar question - how do you enable a community of faith to develop a Jesus centred, biblically based, missional values field, organically and naturally?!
Comments on this one please!

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